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Dr Sam Littlemore is a Child Psychologist, author and private practitioner who has run a succesful practice in Harley Street, London and has now opened a clinic in Shrewsbury to support children and families.  

"I don't believe behaviour issues with children are about blame but rather trying to work out what is causing the behaviour issues and working out a way forward.  Family focused behaviour support. I work with the child and family so that we can form a team to help create change for parents and child.  The work is based on sessions of behaviour understanding and tailored programmes of support"


On going CPD includes: OCD Exposure Response Programme; Child on-line Protection (CEOP);

Psychology and therapeutic approaches for  children and young  people: Teenage self-harm; Safeguarding Assessment; Child Protection; Confidentiality; Therapeutic work with young people; Eating Disorders and working with young people; CBT approaches with children and young people; Level 2 Child Protection; Safeguarding in Schools and Colleges; Art Therapy for children; Dialectic Behaviour Therapy; Cognitive Behavioural Child Therapy; Solution Focused Anger Management



"When we first met Sam the whole family was in need for very different reasons.  It soon became apparent from our first meeting that changes were to come from us all, as a family, to make a real difference.  We were given the tools, encouragement, guidance and faith that if we worked together we would see positive changes from our 6 year old, and for both of us as Mummy and Daddy, but also not forgetting ourselves as individuals. As a family we have been able to cope with the lows of parenthood and lavish in the highs of parenthood but coming through the other side ready for the next day as if it was our first.  We cannot thank Sam, or Dr Sam the Ballerina as she is known in our house, enough for the support she has given the whole family and for making us see the brighter side of life."

Natalie (Yorkshire)


Please pop down a few details on the contact form or call. I look forward to meeting you and working with your family.                               Appointment fee is £70 per session. 












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