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Company Director - Dr Sam Littlemore specialises in research and behaviour strategies.  In 2008 Sam was awarded a Fellowship of the Royal Society of Arts for her work with children and young people.  She has worked with many families, teachers and other professionals working with children with behaviour difficulties and those overcoming traumatic events, including child sexual abuse.  


Sam has run private practices in Stafford, Manchester and London’s Harley Street. She is a specialist in interviewing children and vulnerable adults and has worked as an intermediary for vulnerable defendants throughout the court and probation process.  


Her main interest is exploring and applying psychological approaches to further understand and support child behaviour, welfare, emotional and well-being, behaviour management strategies and safeguarding issues through applied research and behaviour intervention.


Sam's interests are research, writing, training, teaching and bespoke child behaviour support packages. She is also a specialist consultant for schools and institutions in behaviour support strategies. Some of her work is summarised here.


Assistant and Associate Researchers - All researchers contracted to work on projects with Support Children on qualitative research projects including interviews, focus groups and workshops are experienced in working sensitively with children and young people. If the project includes children aged 16 and under, all project staff have DBS clearance, are committed to working within ethical guidelines and adhere to confidentiality clauses.


Professional transcribers - All contracted transcribers commissioned by Support Children are bound by confidentiality clauses.


Website and Information Manager - Dianne Foulkes  


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