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Dr Sam Littlemore is a Chartered Psychologist


Problems aren't about blame but rather trying to work out what is driving the behaviour issues.  Family focused behaviour support finds a way of moving forward with everyone working together.



"When we first met Sam the whole family was in need for very different reasons.  It soon became apparent from our first meeting that changes were to come from us all, as a family, to make a real difference.  We were given the tools, encouragement, guidance and faith that if we worked together we would see positive changes from our 6 year old, and for both of us as Mummy and Daddy, but also not forgetting ourselves as individuals.

As a family we have been able to cope with the lows of parenthood and lavish in the highs of parenthood but coming through the other side ready for the next day as if it was our first.  We cannot thank Sam, or Dr Sam the Ballerina as she is known in our house, enough for the support she has given the whole family and for making us see the brighter side of life."

Natalie (Yorkshire)



Please feel free to outline your enquiry using the contact form.  While clients have travelled across the UK, and flown in from other countries, for appointments with Dr Sam in Harley Street, London, she feels that working either within the family environment, or close to the family home, is more productive and far less disruptive for the child. Appointments are charged @ £70 per hour and are available both on weekdays and at weekends.  Please note home based visits are based on a door-to-door hourly rate.  












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